Make money from surveys and market research

2018-05-03 16:02:18

How to Make Money from Online Surveys and Market Research
There are companies out there looking to expand beyond their boundaries. Maybe they want to release a product to an entirely new market, or maybe they just want to get an idea of how they can further improve the quality of their products. Consumer behaviour is a largely studied field in social sciences or perhaps business modelling because you as a consumer can provide valuable information to major companies in the UK. Such is the importance of your opinion that you can get paid for providing valuable insights. Paid Surveys are a real thing and believe us you can earn pretty good by helping companies do market research and by providing insights through survey filling.

Market Research and How You Can Earn
There are a variety of ways in which you can earn as a freelancer by assisting companies on market research. Market research is quite a diverse field that offers plenty of ways to get paid easily. It helps people to use their free time to supplement their income in the best possible way. Sometimes, market research activities can even be fun! The following are some ways through which one can get paid for assistance in market research:

1. Mystery Shopping
This is a job that pays you to test out a service and provide insights on how that specific company treated you. It also involves picking up random products that would be assigned to you by a specific company. It certainly sounds like a dream job and it pays well too! Join UK Mystery Shopper today and gain access to thousands of projects.

2. Focus Group
By joining a focus group you'll be conversing with a few people about a certain brand or a product. You get paid to provide valuable feedback in the form of opinions.

3. Product Testing
Product testing requires you to test a product and provide feedback.

4. Face to Face Interviews
In face to face interviews you'll be paid to attend a short interview or meeting where you'll answer questions about a product or a brand.

5. Online or Phone Surveys
The same methodology applies here where you'll be asked questions regarding a product or a brand but through a phone call. Online surveys are also a great way to supplement your income. If you're looking to earn some extra cash join Opinion Outpost UK today. The site has access to thousands of paid surveys online.

Payment Options
The following are some of the payment options that one can opt for: Some online paid survey sites require surveyors to fill numerous surveys and according to the time taken out to fill out the survey the get points. When these points are accumulated later they can be converted into real cash. Other options can include bank transfer as well as payment in the form of gift vouchers. UK Mystery Shoppers pays in gift vouchers of £100! Now is the time to voice your opinion and actually get paid for it!