2018-05-09 10:23:37

What is a cashback site and how does it work?

Hey folks, did you know you can be rewarded for buying things you love? We all buy things every day, but no one compensates us for spending our money. If you estimate how much you have spent in the past weeks, imagine getting a discount, how much could you have saved? I feel it's best to put your money where your mouth is. Let’s discuss cashback sites offers where you are rewarded for shopping.


What is cashback?

Cashback sites offers are advertising sites that promote products for merchants and get a commission for their services when a customer clicks through from them to buy a merchant’s product. Cashback is compensation for buying products from a merchant on the cashback site.


Understanding cashback sites offer

Businesses are going through stiff competition globally. But smart companies think of innovative ways to remain in business. Even more challenging is the influence of online store that has eliminated local barriers where a company located hundreds of kilometers away can sell to a customer right in the backyard of a local competitor. The cashback sites offers are helping retailers sell more.


How do you get paid for spending your money?

A cashback site provides advertising service to promote products from different retailers who are affiliate partners. The cashback site attracts prospective customers to their site. When a cashback site member sees a product they like and clicked, it leads to the merchant’s page where purchase is done. After payment is made, the merchant pays the cashback site a commission for referring you to the buyer. To encourage you, the cashback site pays you part of the commission they get from the retailer when you bought from them.


A practical example of a cashback site

Let’s use to explain how cashback sites offers work. If you click the above link, it takes you to the cashback site promoting offers from different retailers. If you click on an offer, it takes you to the merchant’s offer page. You can process your purchase, and after payment, will compensate you with 105% from their commission. A whopping 105%, how’s that possible?  Yes, this is because gives you their entire commission and adds extra 5% because they earn advertising fees from advertisers and decided to share a part of it. Therefore, it is the cashback site that compensates you, not the merchant.


How to get cashback

  1. To benefit, you need to register with the cashback site.
  2. The cashback sites offers are many, find your choice.
  3. Click the offer you like, process it and make payment.
  4. The cashback site pays you a percentage of the purchase you made.


Why you should consider cashback sites offer

We all could use the extra cash for better things. Cashback sites offers could help you save more money online if you choose the right cashback site to work with.


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