A Service Update

2018-02-09 14:55:27

Hi FBL Users,

A service update, as a new service we need to make some changes along the way to keep being able to offer you a selection of draws and therefore multiple chances to win, totally for free!

Our service is based on advertising revenues, currently there are no advertising revenues of any significance, which we are working on, until there are we are reducing the daily accumulator to £2 a day which will roll over Mon-Sun, and the bonus draw to once a week – the other draws will remain the same.

We are also reducing the bonus amount for visiting the site and checking the draws to 3p, this is in line with other similar services.

We hope you understand that we need to ensure that the service is sustainable during these formative stages, as soon as advertising levels start to increase so will the prizes – but remember, there are still plenty of chances to win, for FREE!